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Welcome to the wiki!

This wiki is meant for collecting information and documentation around the services and community. This wiki is open for everyone with a ID to edit. If you think information is missing, feel free to add it! We're especially grateful for tutorials and how-tos on moving away from proprietary services to

Using services[edit | edit source]

Start by creating your own ID, a single sign-on account for Click on the link, then click "Register" at the bottom of the page. After entering a username, password and your email address, you're ready to use the services. You will be redirected to whenever you try to login to one of the sites mentioned below.

Also, if you're new to our services, check out Migrating from a proprietary cloud for a basic overview of how to use our services.

The community[edit | edit source]

Everyone that does work for is part of the crew, though only specific crew members have administrative access to the infrastructure.

Following the model, is divided up into several areas of work; community, tech, and finance & legal. We are currently a lot smaller than however, so pub.solarians are not members of just one WG, but rather just part of the crew.

Community[edit | edit source]

This concerns itself with organizing community events like hakken.irl, making sure user documentation is up-to-date, moderating community spaces, improving the onboarding process for new pub.solarians, and other people-things.

pub.solarians with moderation rights are:

  • @teutat3s
  • @axeman
  • @hensoko
  • @b12f

Technical[edit | edit source]

This is about maintaining the infrastructure. The whole infrastructure is captured in one git repository, which can be accessed in our forgejo instance under pub-solar/infra. The technical documentation for the infrastructure is also located there.

pub.solarians with administrative (root) access to the infrastructure are:

  • @teutat3s
  • @axeman
  • @hensoko
  • @b12f

Finance[edit | edit source]

This is about making sure that the finances are in order. This means doing bookkeeping, and handling payments and donations. Financial statements can be found in our forgejo instance under pub-solar/finances.

pub.solarians with access to the bank account are:

  • @teutat3s

Legal[edit | edit source]

This concerns itself with making sure the privacy policy is up-to-date and correct, that we're running everything according to our statutes, and anything else that might touch the law. Legal documents can be found in our forgejo instance under pub-solar/legal.

Other pages[edit | edit source]

Editing the wiki[edit | edit source]

For information on editing the wiki, check out the Editing page.