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This is our cloud platform. Clients exist for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The web interface can be found at

This service works like most others; you install a local client, sign in with your ID, and designate a directory on your device to be synced with the server.

Logging in to clients[edit | edit source]

When logging in to clients, the server address is

Sharing files with other people[edit | edit source]

When sharing files, you have a couple of sharing options:

  • create a link and send it to people,
  • invite people via email adress,
  • or invite via federated Nextcloud identity. Just like with email, a federated Nextcloud identity is in the format <username>@<domain>. This means that if you want to share a file with another person that is using the cloud (or if someone wants to share a nextcloud file or folder with you), you should search for <username> For example, if you want to share something with the crew account, use

Automatic uploads of photos from mobile devices[edit | edit source]

Android[edit | edit source]

This can be achieved with the Nextcloud app. After installing and logging in, go into the app settings -> Auto upload. Here you'll find folders on your device you can automatically upload. This has been tested on Android.

Contacts & Calendar[edit | edit source]

The web interface for contacts can be found at, for the calendar at

Synchronizing to devices[edit | edit source]

Android[edit | edit source]

In the Nextcloud app, go to app settings -> Sync calendar & contacts. This will install the app DAVx5 for you, and start the login process there. After logging in, select the calendars you'd like to synchronize.